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Binger Straße 64
14197 Berlin
Telefon: 030 - 83 22 50 55
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The purpose of the German Institute of Health Legislation is to intellectually and financially support and implement academic research and training, also by awarding research contracts, and to promote education, all in the field of health legislation, with particular focus on the law of functional self-management, social law and related fields of law.
This aim is mainly realised through research projects, publications, academic lectures, events and advanced training, academic and conceptual information activities in cooperation with universities, other academic institutions and the media as well as the award of scholarships and prizes for outstanding academic achievements essentially related to health legislation.

The Institute pursues exclusively and directly non-profit making purposes in the meaning of the section on “tax-privileged purposes” of the German Fiscal Code. It operates on an altruistic basis and is not primarily concerned with its own economic interests.

Berlin Debates on Health Legislation

Every year the “Berlin debates on health legislation” attract major interest. This series of events, staged by DIGR together with the Free University of Berlin, attempts to give new impetus to the organisation of the German health care system through the interaction of theory and practice. In accordance with the interdisciplinary approach, the Berlin debates lead to discussions on fundamental questions, particularly from legal, economic, political and medical practice points of view. Many prominent experts take part in the conferences: members of the German Parliament, representatives of the Federal Ministries and the Federal Social Insurance Authority, judges from constitutional, social, administrative and civil courts, representatives of statutory and private health insurance, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, numerous representatives of doctors’ and dentists’ organisations of public and private law, legal academics and lawyers. The event is also attended by many journalists from television and the press. more